Essex Marquee Hire

I hope this website helps you to find the right marquee company for you it's always wise to go by the saying "recommendation will always be king". Looking on the world wide web, you may get lucky and find a good company and personally I hope you do. // If your guests see a nice marquee they would consider a marquee for their celebrations.

When I entered in to this industry in 1995 it was difficult for rogue hire companies to set up business as everything was based on reputation and if you didn't have reputation, the company would have to be set up on quality of kit and money invested into that equipment .The lesson:"Look for a company that has been established somewhere in the 1990's. Or a company that has no end of quality recommendations."
However now-a-days with the invention of the internet, a bit of time on a computer, some "borrowed" pictures from anyone elses website and some cheap gazebos from ebay - it seems that anyone can set up and "rent-a-tent"... This means you could end up embracing marquee companies which are no good for you or the hard working quality companies out there and there are a few good companies out there - credit where credit is due! So hopefully my guide will help you find the right company for you.

To summarise; I would recommend Chelmsford And Maldon Marquees for smaller events and parties that have less than 150 people or so as they aren't charging VAT.

I would also like to recommend Castle Marquees for splendor, bigger parties, corporate events and elegant weddings.

A good start is where a company works from:- so a business address and how long they have been trading with company references as well as private references and ask to see pictures of what your marquee will look like and are all the pictures on their website their own, it is always good to see sign written lorries and vans with men in company t-shirts. I personally like to see an itemised quote and CAD drawing.
This surely shows a certain amount of dedication to the craft of installing, erecting and constructing a textile structure. Or in short - a marquee.

What is a marquee?

P.L.I.. and E.L.I.. are legal requirements if a marquee company is working on your land - be it a large open field or your home garden.

Fig 1: Stakes deep with all bars pinned.

Figure 1 shows that the stake is deep into the ground - this is to prevent the marquee from being pulled up and blown over! It's important that the stakes are around 3 foot deep.
Notice how the bars meet in a single point. it's essential that these are pinned with the appropriate clip so that the skirts of the marquee stay firm to the ground and do not flap in the wind, injuring people!
This is why companies that carry E.L.I. and P.L.I. are the way forward. Say "NO" to cowboys.

If you are having marquees joined, make sure they are made by the same manufacturer as I have seen many gazebos hired out as marquees which are not designed to be joined to a commercial marquee. A commercial marquee will be covererd by the appropriate regulations by law such as BS 5867 which are fire retardant regulations for textile based structures. BS 7837 for covers and 60mph for wind speed.

The average size for seated guests with top table bar and dance floor; it's recommended that each person be given 18 sq.ft. in a marquee.
So for 100 guests the marquee would be 1800sq.ft. This would equate to 30ft x 60ft or if you measure in metric: 9m x 18m. This would be something like this: 9 meters X 18 meters

Modern marquees can have entrances or windows anywhere maybe by the bar or dance floor so you could have a receiving line.

Reception marquees could have a Chinese hat roof extension. We in the trade call this a canopy or you could have a second marquee with the bar setup in or it could be a main reception area. canopy pic canopy pic

Service tents.

Most caterers will need a service tent for storing & cooking food and the size will depend on:

service tents will use purpose made joiners, guttering and come with a screen.
(all of our marquees are made by hoecker, who are professional marquee manufacturers.) A client must be aware that some companies will supply a gazebo or worse for your caterer. service tent pic


wood flooring is a quality product and it is recommended if your site (where you plan to place the marquee) is uneven or very wet. I have been to many sites where a thin carpet has been used with no wooden or rubber backing, which leads to trip hazards and the carpet absorbing the water from the ground. wood floor pic


Because wood flooring can be expensive, I personally keep very high quality rubber backed charcoal colour carpet which most of our clientelle would be more than happy to atest to. carpet pic

If you are going to have a colour coordinated carpet, a contact is used. This is made for one hire only and I only recommend a solid wood floor is used with this type of carpet. But the effect under the marquee is amazing. carpet colours

Dance floors

The list is endless and the sky is the limit with dance floors under the marquee.
But I'll have a go;